Thursday, March 17, 2011

Insert "Something Witty" Here

Yesteryday I went to see my family doctor as a follow-up from the emergency room.
He did another  EKG and a hemoglobin blood test, both were okay.
He said, that because of the fluid the ER doc saw in my left lung, I had pleural effusion.  He explained that if the diaphragm gets swollen or irritated at all, it can cause shoulder pain....
So between the pleural effusion, and surgery, it caused irritation and that was probably the problem.
Other than that it's a mystery.  But it's all but gone now.
I think I'm still gonna have an ultrasound done around my heart to check for fluid in a few days though.
Oh, and he perscribed baby aspirin as a blood thinner in case there are or could be clots.

With my husband being's been quiet I guess.  Its like there's nothing to do unless I do something.  LoL, does that make sence??
So, for the past week, I've been on a very unnatural, un manda-like cleaning kick.
(for example, I was gonna lay down for a nap....but before I do, lets just vacuum the house real quick)
I dissected my living room, and moved every piece of furniture and exercise equipment, to vacuum, steam clean, sprinkle carpet freshner and revacuum every bit of my floor.
And as I moved furniture, I noticed how dusty, so I dusted. 

(here is my living room, clean, but overrun with exercise equipment)

so yeah, thats my living room.  Believe me, it would not look like this if my husband were home.  It's there so no matter when where or how, I can workout.  In theory.  

So, my living room is squeaky clean, my kitchen is clean, laundry being done, sheets changed, new comforter put on, cat boxes washed, dogs washed, and various other things I typically avoid doing.

Anyways.  I think all of the cleaning caught up with me.
Today, I went back to bed for the first time in a long time....
And, I may have not woken back up til after noon. 
I have been chillin all day in my jammies, and have no intention of getting dressed.

My "stall" has broken, I guess.  I lost a pound.  Finally.  That's 37 lbs now. 
It averages out to 1/2 lb a day (since I started the pre-surgery liquid diet).
I know that's good.  It is.  With weight watchers, losing 1/2 a week was good.  A loss was a loss.

I'm buying 1x shirts now.  They're still a little tight; very fitted, and muscle-shirt arms, but I figure, they're cheap, and they're cute.  They'll fit soon enough.  

I'm bordering on feeling depressed.....I feel like a downer in what I write, but I don't know if it's coming through as much as I think it is...
I try to keep busy, I know that's why I've gone nuts with cleaning.  It's why I'm trying SO hard to go to school.  I've cleaned up my craft room space.  I wanna get going with all my craftiness again.
I did make this bed tray for my grandmother's 80th birthday.  I'm pleased with the results.  It was not fun when it came to shipping though.  They charged by the size....eeech.

So, yeah, for now, I'm gonna just keep on keepin on, and take it one hour at a time.
I really love that I can share this with all of you.  It helps to get it out there, ya know?
Thanks for your love and support.


Nadine said...

please don't ever feel like there is nothing to have friends and they need their place vaccumed too! just sayin' :)
keep on rocking the jukebox baby you're doing just fine!

Angela said...

Try to add the exercise in five minutes three or four or more times a day. It REALLY does help with depression. I used to walk around our neighborhood and the sunlight helped a ton. Good work!

Amber said...


I good to now be "Following" your Blog! You're Awe-Some!!!

Amber said...

AKA *It's good...

Artsy Ali said...

Yes! Keep sharing! I am enjoying reading these! Wish I was there to hang out or work out with you. :) Keep up the awesome work! Love you tons!

Manda said...

:) Thanks guys. I really need that right now. I suppose after a month of D being gone its time for a mopey day.
I'll shake it off tomorrow, I hope.
Maybe since I still need to shower, I'll throw in a quick workout...or at least think about it some. ;)