Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Proteins and Carbs, Oh My!

I feel like writing, but I don't know what to write about.....so we'll just see what flows outta my, uh...fingers.

I suppose since this is my weight loss journey blog, I should talk about that for a while.
Since I basically am on an atkin's like diet anyhow, (low carbs, high protein), I embraced it.  I tested for ketones, ate less than 30 carbs a day, journaled my carbs, proteins, and calories religiously, etc.
Well, when I went to my weight loss surgery support group, I asked my nutritionist about it, and I basically got fussed at.  When I asked how many calories we should aim for a day, she literally stuck her fingers in her ears and went "lalalalala".  She said I was eating too many proteins, and not nearly enough carbs.  She wants me to just make sure I get enough protein in, and stay away from sugary items, but other than that....I guess I'm "free" to eat whatever.  She said she wanted to see my journal to see how I've changed my eating (next time). 

Well, being free to eat whatever proved much harder than I'd thought.  At first nothing changed.....then I'd make a bad choice and have candy, which btw is sugary!
Since I was eating too much protein, I cut out my protein shakes, but then I wasn't getting enough in.
Ugh, I just can't find a rhythm anymore. 
In fact, the past 2 days or so, I haven't felt like eating or drinking anything at all.
I'm LUCKY if I get half my water in.  Bad I know. 
I eat a few bites to fill me up when I'm starving, and then my mouth is clamped the rest of the time.

So whatever it is, the non-atkins, the cheating, the not eating right, the not working out enough, I don't know....but I have not lost anything in a week.  Yes, JUST a week, I know I'm complaining, but its frustrating.
My stupid scale keeps wigging out on me too.  I stood on it 5 times, and every time it said I had gained 5 lbs.  Then finally, it dawns on it to work, and then says exactly what its been all week.  I AM thankful I didn't gain, but it puts me in a weird mood still.

My heart/chest issues seem to have settled out.  I go see the dr tomorrow, and we'll see what he has to say.

I went and talked to the admissions counsellor about starting the nursing program. 
I can start classes and stuff from the curriculim, but I can't even apply for the program for a year.  And even then, its ranked on your GPA, so I better make all As. 
I almost almost ALMOST tried to fast track it, so I could apply next semester, but I would have had to take Biology in 10 weeks, overlapped with anatomy and physiology in 5 weeks AND intro to nursing online.
I decided I didn't want to burn out right at the start, so I'm waiting another semester.

Well, besides filling you in on the mundane day to day activities I do, that's my update.  I apologize if I sound hum drum, but I kinda feel that way.
Bye for now and junk.

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