Friday, April 29, 2011

Honey I'm HOOOOME!!

Hello again!  It's been a while since I posted, so I gotta try and remember what all has gone down!
And....of course now that I'm trying to think, my brain is goin blank.

First of all, I'm back from almost 3 weeks at my mom's house.  It was great, and I got to celebrate lots of events with my family.  The scale was not my friend while I was down there though.  I was to the ounce, exactly the same as when I left.  I'm kind of assuming I gained some the first few days, and got my stuff together, and lost it again.  Or, I just stayed the same, who knows.  (BTW, I am SO getting my mom a new scale!!!)

Well, I have now been home 3 1/2 days, and have lost 5 lbs!!! 
I had to detox a little from the extra carbs I had there.   My house is carb in a desperate moment, I found the icing tub I had still (to make cookies to send to the hubbs).   I admit, I had some, and felt icky afterward, but sugar is totally a drug.  I'm not kidding.  I become a different person.

Well, I admit, I'm not perfect, so I am trying to make up for my naughtiniess....
I started going on walks (again).  (By again, i am referencing about 2 years ago, I would walk my dog 2-5 miles per day...then I hurt my foot).
So, I took one dog at a time around the block.  I'm really enjoying it.  The big dogs are not leash trained, because I've never been able to take them.  So, slowly but surely they're getting better.

And, then, just cuz I'm overly ambitious and a little crazy and mowed both the front and back yards.  It took about 2 hours.  I am so sore its not even funny.  BUT, my foot is okay.  Its just my muscles aching.

Okay, my brain has shut off.  No more coherant thoughts coming outta this gal.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Vacay, Cops, and Contacts

Well, I have decided to extend my stay here with my family for another week. 
It dawned on me that Easter was a few days away, so I might as well stay!  DER!!
So, I'm gonna have Easter dinner with my lovely family.  That should be nice. 

My "diet" has been a huge struggle while I've been here.  I've gotten a little more control on it, compared to my first few days.  It's still not 100% though.
I read someone's post on that really struck a chord with me. 
(I can't find it, so I have to paraphrase), but it basically was saying (we) ate bad and made poor choices before surgery to get us to that place.  Why would we eat those SAME things now, when we're trying to make this huge change?  (wow, I butchered it, but I think I got the gist).
SO.....instead of looking at bad foods as a reward, or I deserve it, I am doing my bestest to "Just Say 'No'".
I'm not successful 100% of the time - my mom's secret (now hidden) stash of candy still beckons me daily.
But only one slip up a day is better than constant grazing.   And yes, I look for the hiding spots.  I'm awful.

The scale appeared to go down today.  I really don't trust my mom's scale as a reliable source, but it's better than nothing.  I may have lost what I gained here, but I'm still hovering at the 50 lb mark.

Mom and I have been scooping out resale shops all over town.  We found a BIG store with cheap cheap prices, and lots of cute clothes.  I've noticed all the clothes I like are size small.  Doh.  The shirts I do find in my size (XL), all have itty bitty sleeves, and they're either too tight, or just downright too short.  Although my arms are shrinking, the Bat Wing effect is there, and even a small sleeve helps hide that.

We had some excitement the other day, when the cops knocked on the door.  There was a complaint that our dogs were being a nuisance.
Turns out my neighbor (that we've known for 15+ years) finally had finally had enough of al the dogs surrounding his house barking unchecked all day and night.  Before you ask - that was NEVER the case with my dogs.  They bark, yes, but we'd all already been on guard with them barking, because he'd called us complaining several times about it.  At the time the cops came, my dogs had been super good all day, and they were even inside.
I went over to talk to him, and apparently it wasn't about my dogs specifically.  It was about him not being able to go in his own backyard because every dog around him goes nuts at him being back there.  He complained about my mom's dachshund's high pitched bark, and her indifference toward it.
ANYWAYS.  We cleared the air, he doesn't want to be enemies, and he knows we are trying to keep it in check.   I still don't know why he called on US especially when he did, and no other houses surrounding him.
Oh well..........  So now, EVERY time the dogs are outside, we have to be out there with them to fuss at them or quirt them with water if and when they bark.  FUN.

I've been working on leash training my big dogs.  Tink (my Rot) did pretty well once she got the hang of it, but unfortunately, Sinsa FLIPPED out being in her cage without Tink around.  She pooped, and scratched the crap outta her nose trying to get out.
So the next day, my mom and I took BOTH big dogs.  Tink again did well, and Sinsa had NO clue what we wanted, and would drag me when Tink got too far away.  When we got inside, Ginger had flipped out being left out, and clawed the heck out of the carpet.  UGH. 
I would LOVE to be able to take them on walks individually, but as you can see, I don't know how to do that without the others freaking.

Yesterday i got CONTACTS!!!!  I've been wanting to for a while now, and finally broke down.  I am AWFUL at putting them in.  just awful.  I spent half an hour or more at the store attempting to get just one in.  Then she had me take them out, which was only slightly less difficult. 
I'm still trying to get used to them.......
It's strange not having my glasses on.  They feel kinda dry/blurry a lot too.  Lets hope I get used to them!!
Immediately after leaving the store, I realized I now can't wear my clip on sun glasses, so I swung in to Charming charlie and got a cute pair!  YAY

Still rockin the pink hair.  I've had to re-dye 3 times now.  In fact, I've got some soaking in my hair as we speak. 
Well, my animals are insiting I feed I must go.  Talk to ya laters!
OH - So, what are y'alls plans for Easter????

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Photo Survey

I saw another blog that did this, and thought I'd give it a try, it proved to be a lot of fun!!

{someone you spend a lot of time with}
-This is one RARE shot of all 10 animals.  Can YOU find them all??-

{a picture of you}
-My most recent shot of myself.  Gotta show off my pink!-

{a random photo of you and your significant other}
-WAAAAY back when.....we'd been married 5 months.   :)  -

{a picture of something that makes you happy}
-My brother and his beautiful family.  And our newest addition too!-

{an old picture of you}
-Me at not quite a year old.  I had that ABC wall paper til I was 12-

{a picture of your siblings}
-Me and my big brudder right after he got married.-

{a picture you never posted on your blog before}
-Road trip with my doggies.  Sinsa (left) was still a puppy-

{a picture of people who know you now AND then}
-(top left to right) Sabrina, Me, Jenny (bottom) Rileigh-
We've been good friends since 7th Grade

{a picture of your favorite place}
-Playing in the backyard with my hunny and my puppies!!-

{a person you can tell anything}
-tee hee, I love this goober, and could tell him ANYTHING!!-

{a picture of your everyday life}
-I am almost NEVER without a kitty on my lap-

{a picture from a place you love}
-Captiva Island, Florida, 2002.  Surrounded by manatees....LOOOVE IIT!!-

{a picture that reminds you of great times}
-Marching band.....some of the funnest times of my life.  (I'm bottom right)-

{a picture of someone you miss}
-My Paw Paw and Grandma.  I miss them SOO much.-

{a picture of one of your favorite foods}
-Garlic chicken and pasta and herb-tossed corn. 
I could literally eat the whole thing (well, i used to be able to)-

{a picture from the best day of your life}

-The day I married my soul mate.  Love you baby!!-

{a picture that always makes you laugh}
-My lovely family.  Doesn't get much classier than this. -

{a picture of your spare time}

-Scrapbooking and hanging with friends, OR both!-

{a photo from a great night}

-The night my baby came home from a 15 month deployment!!!!!!!-

{the people that know you the best}

-My beautiful family-

{a picture of someone you always have fun with}

-My baby and I always have a good time together.  This is at the renaissance festival-

{a picture of your parents when they were your age}

-Mama and Daddy when they were dating in '73

{a picture from last summer}

-My friend Michelle and I at out memorial Day Cookout-

{a photo of your closest friend of the opposite sex}
-By far my bestest friend-

{a picture of an accomplishment}

-An important accomplishment I've done is to rescue and nurse my Wiley back from the brink of death. 
We found her hiding in the floorboards of our shed, she had been attacked by something.
The vet told us "not to get attached".  TOO LATE!!-

{a picture of your closest friend}
-eskimo kisses!-

{a picture from a photobooth}
-I couldn't choose just one.  (L) Squadran Ball (M) Eclipse Premiere (R) Putt Putt Golf-

{a photo that makes you smile}

-Tink and her babies.  She's so funny-

{a picture of someone you will never let go of}

-If you can't tell, I like my hubby, just a tad.-

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

I just did generator for y'all and *drumroll please*..........JULIE won!!
I'll get ahold of you to plan out what you want!!

I'll do another give away soon!!
What kind of stuff would y'all like to win??

Vacation is Hard on the Thighs

Well, this week I am visiting my family. 
Going back home, is like going back to OOOOLLLDDD habits. 
My family loves to eat.  Eating is entertainment, it is a way to kill time, it is a reward, and just always there.

SOMEHOW, at my current home, I can keep crap out, and eat very well MOST of the time.
Somehow, a my parent's house, I feel like I need to not punish myself, and I DESERVE a little treat.

My mom has a horrible habit of keeping candy (usually m&m's or something easily stealable) in a jar on display in the kitchen.  WOW....I could NOT keep my fingers out of it!  They were Robin eggs, and then Peanut Butter m&m's, and they truthfully made me sick and made me feel bloated and FAT all day, but my mouth did not care.
Then we went to our favorite mexican restaurant.  The meal was a chicken salad, but those chips and dips before hand would NOT stop jumping in my mouth.
And I couldn't stop eating!    I was physically in pain, but it only barely deterred me.

I keep checking my mom's scale, and its a piece of crap, if you ask me, the non-digital kind....
It literally moves if I lean any direction. 
All I know is its higher than it was when I first got there....can't tell by exactly how much, but any isn't good.

OHH, I didn't even mention my nephew's birthday party!!!
The food part, I did okay on....not a whole lot of good choices, (the pulled pork was great, but LOTS of sauce, the beans had a ton of sugar, etc)
My downfall came at dessert.  I just got a small serving....of 3 things.....and maybe somehow finished it.
Again, I felt like poo afterward.
You'd think I'd learn. 

All the shopping at thrift stores my mom and I always do, has proved rewarding!
I am in a solid XL and size 20 pants!!!!  (I started at a 3-4x and 28 pant)
I even fit into a pair of 18 capris!

So....I am just gonna take it minute by minute, try not to beat myself up, and try and do better.
I had my indulgences, and I'm gonna hopefully leave it at that.
I've pleaded with mom to put the candy out of sight, and its already helped.

Maybe I'll even drag my butt to work out or walk or something. 
Here's to doing better.......!!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Game Plan's looking more and more like it may actually happen.  I've heard so many different things, I'm not sure what to believe anymore, but prepare for the worst keeps ringing in my head.

The Army Emergency Relief Fund claims to be prepared to help us out, but I can't imagine them having enough to cover everybody.  But it, and a few other places are there in theory.

I do have a game plan, but it's temporary at best.  It'd help if we did get paid on the 15th, and then I'd be more prepared for the weeks after. 
As of now, our LES shows we're getting paid HALF on the 15th.  Yes HALF.  While I am grateful we're getting paid at all, that's not enough to cover anything but bare minimum.  The army is advising to prepare for 3 months!!!  3 MONTHS?!?!?!            
I was able to defer (well, its pending approval) my car note.  Mortgage however was a big waste of my entire afternoon.  They made me list out every single expense I have, and then said they couldn't do anything - to call the VA. 
I call the VA, and while we won't LOSE our house, they can't help with payments.  I have to be delinquent for them to be able to do anything.    ERGH.

Right now I'm in the process of packing to go visit family.  If we don't get this resolved, I will be staying there indefinitely.....
So I have NO clue how to pack.  I can pack a pair of shorts and a pair of pants, or 6 shorts, and 2 pants.  I mean, if I'm gonna be there all month, I'll want more then 3 outfits, ya know??
Do I bring enough food for the animals for the week I was gonna be there, do I pack everything I have for them, or do I keep it here, and get some down there??

I wanna keep calling bill companies, but it seems futile, til its official.
And THEN it'll be the weekend, and I won't be the only one doing it.
So i am at an impasse.  I feel I can do nothing, and I have a ton to do.

I feel like if I don't do anything I'm being naive....if I do something, I'm jumping the gun and over-reacting.
UGH.  I hated the government BEFORE this all happened. 
I can't STAND them now.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

SAVE the LITTLE People!!!

This whole Government Shutdown thing is a friggin JOKE!!!
For weeks they've been debating the same stupid issues, and can't agree upon a budget.  So their solution????  Keep arguing, and let the country crumble around them.  YOU HAVE A DEADLINE - DECIDE BY THEN!  Do NOT go and not pay people!  ESPECIALLY THE MILITARY!!!!!
A lot of people are saying "you don't pay me, I don't work", but the govt is claiming certain people - DEPLOYED people, to be "mission essential", and the MUST go to work, or face the consequences.  UGH.

What they DON'T understand, can't comprehend in their overpaid little heads of theirs, is that MOST people do not have a HUGE savings to fall back on if we DON'T get paid!!!!
I for one, have almost nothing in my savings. I am using this deployment to TRY and pay off some bills and credit cards. 
I cringe when I start picturing all the domino effects that this will cause.
Just for me:  I have SO many automatic drafts for billpays that I would get infinite amounts of over drafts and non-sufficiant fund fees, I would NEVER see the light of day again!
The govt has every intention of "paying us back" when they get their heads washed off, but it'd be too little, too late.  LITERALLY too little.  PAY US BACK FOR THE LATE FEES, THE OVER DRAFT FEES, the CANCELLATION FEES, the INTEREST FEES (if you put it all on a credit card), etc.

I almost wanna cry.  We are just now starting to get ahead of the game with bills.  Paying more than the minimums, paying when due or before, and just catching up.  This would RUIN all that. 
I am ill.  Physically ill.

I never thought this was at all possible.  I thought they were just over-reacting, worst case-scenario-ing it.  But they're deciding as we speak.  If not decided by midnight, all us little people are sc-rewed!
Royally.  Bend us over.      UNGH.

I still just can't believe it could happen.  I'm TRYING to figure out what to do, IF this goes down. 
My genius plan is to run home to mommy's and bury my head in the sand. 
Works for me.....

Good luck to ALL of you this will effect.  I can't even begin to imagine how far this will go.    :(

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Part two of my new do!!  I dyed my hair!
It is black blonde and PINK!!!
My good buddy helped me out, and it turned out so good!

The best and most important part is that I like it, because I can strut my stuff with confidance!!
What a GREAT way to celebrate hitting 50 lbs today!!!!!!


I'm giving you my "smolder" look....scared??

This is the result of the first coat of pink....SO glad we did a second coat!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Give Aways....?

So, I know a lot of blog sites do give aways, and I suspect this is one thing that generates heavier traffic.
I am considering doing some occasional give-a-ways, and would like some feedback on what you'd want!
I can always offer some goody that I make, or something I'm getting rid of.  (hehe cheap!!)
If you're interested, and if you have experience in drawings, please give me some feedback!

I think my FIRST give away will be a personalized name-block or frame-block for the winner!
We'll talk about your style, colors, what it'll say, etc.
For now, until I get a better idea how to do'll be chosen on out of anyone who leaves a comment and is a follower.
I will close in about a week.

Oh boy!  I'm excited, how bout you!???!!!

Previous "name blocks" I've made....

Anyways, that's what we'll draw for!!  I'm looking forward to it, and I hope you are too!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


The other day, I did a "good" thing.  I FINALLY got rid of all the food that was still in the house pre-surgery, and pre-hubby deploying. 
I gave several bags of food away on Freecycle to a family who really needed it, and I SO did not need it.
I'd eat crap when I shouldn't have.....

WELL........................that was good, but now I want junk food!!!!!!!
I want to be naughty and eat crap.  GRRRRRRR.  Give me CANDY!!!!

The ironic thing is, I'm full, and wouldn't be able to eat more than a bite or two, but everything else I'm trying isn't curbing it.  I'm probably just super thirsty......and I've been trying to drink, but again, like I said, I'm full.

Ok, just wanted to share. 

Oh, and on another note....I bought the dye for my hair, and my friend is gonna color it for me either tomorrow or Wednesday!!  I'ma be even hott-er!!!


Party Time!! Bloggah Style!

Gonna try my hand at a blog party!
I'll meet new people and maybe get my blog out there!

I'm an Army wife who just had Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (about 85 % of my stomach removed) about 2 months ago.
Life is CRAZY different when you can only eat proteins and only 2 oz at a time.
I've become an exercize-a-holic (on most days), and thanks to that, I am quickly shrinking, and starting my new life!
I'm almost down 50 lbs, and am sharing my ups and downs along the way!

Before Surgery

After Surgery, New Look, New Attitude!