Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm Here Still, I Swear! Smaller, but Still Here!!

Welllp, its been a couple-a days since I wrote.....lets see what I can talk about!

I went to see my surgeon the other day for a post op check.  The check ups are kind of a joke if you ask me....he asks if I've had any pains, checks my scars and listens to my breathing, and chit chats about things I'm doing or not doing. 
His scale is super fancy like my nutritionists' and I hit 45 lbs!!!!
I think I mentioned this conundrum before, but it's still perplexing me.......
my home scale is 2 1/2 more than the doc's.  So I wanna tell the highest loss, but then I get home, and the math is all screwed up.  It almost feels like cheating to say the lower weight, ya know?
So what I did last time, was just let the scale catch up.  THIS time, I am going with the Doc's weight!
So NOW i'm at 47!! 

I'm ounces away from a personal milestone, and super close to 50 lbs. 
I'm inbetween a 1 and a 2 x.  1 is a tad small, 2 is a bit too big. 

I tried on everything I own, and got rid of a TON of stuff.  Every last thing fit, but I still got rid of a LOT.....the last time they fit was 2+ years ago, and styles and personal style has changed.
So, I dropped it off at this little resale shop, and am gonna get consignment cut for all that sells.
I think I lucked out too, cuz she had virtually NO plus size clothes.  She sold an entire bag of my stuff to a single lady before it was even priced.  So, I'm excited about that.
I've been collecting clothes that I like that fit now and will fit soon.  I raid thrift and resale stores, garage sales and craigslist.  Its fun, kind of like a chase.   I've found some CUTE stuff!

I found a treadmill a week or two ago, and it wasn't working, but I used it as a manual.  Well, i had an electrician friend come look at the "fuse" (thats what the seller claimed was wrong).  My friend said it didn't even have a fuse, just a reset button, which had already been pushed.  All it needed was the missing emergency kill switch that the seller had lost.
So, I found one online, it came today.....and now I have a WORKING treadmill!  All for $30!!  WHOOO....

I also seriously scored on exercise videos lately.  Today alone I found 20 different videos, and have more from other places.  I also have been recording workout episodes on TV.

Yesterday I was able to do things I haven't done in over a year.
I mowed the lawn!!!  and then, I washed all 3 dogs!  
I was exhausted afterwards, but my foot wasn't killing me.  My BODY was killing me, but I got through it!

My hubby is doing well.  We made it through a tiny hiccup, and came out stronger for it.  Distance adds complications you wouldn't always think of.   Haven't heard from his mother anymore, thank goodness.

I'll catch up with you again later!  BYE!!


Artsy Ali said...

Yay! Go Manda Go! :) So exciting to read your progress! Love you!

peachynptc said...

Great job!! You are coming right along. 8 days til my VSG, will be right here with you!!

Manda said...

That's so exciting peachy!! Some moments will seem so slow, and then all of a sudden things fly by. I remember how impatient I was a week before my surgery! Good luck with the liquid diet!!