Thursday, April 7, 2011

SAVE the LITTLE People!!!

This whole Government Shutdown thing is a friggin JOKE!!!
For weeks they've been debating the same stupid issues, and can't agree upon a budget.  So their solution????  Keep arguing, and let the country crumble around them.  YOU HAVE A DEADLINE - DECIDE BY THEN!  Do NOT go and not pay people!  ESPECIALLY THE MILITARY!!!!!
A lot of people are saying "you don't pay me, I don't work", but the govt is claiming certain people - DEPLOYED people, to be "mission essential", and the MUST go to work, or face the consequences.  UGH.

What they DON'T understand, can't comprehend in their overpaid little heads of theirs, is that MOST people do not have a HUGE savings to fall back on if we DON'T get paid!!!!
I for one, have almost nothing in my savings. I am using this deployment to TRY and pay off some bills and credit cards. 
I cringe when I start picturing all the domino effects that this will cause.
Just for me:  I have SO many automatic drafts for billpays that I would get infinite amounts of over drafts and non-sufficiant fund fees, I would NEVER see the light of day again!
The govt has every intention of "paying us back" when they get their heads washed off, but it'd be too little, too late.  LITERALLY too little.  PAY US BACK FOR THE LATE FEES, THE OVER DRAFT FEES, the CANCELLATION FEES, the INTEREST FEES (if you put it all on a credit card), etc.

I almost wanna cry.  We are just now starting to get ahead of the game with bills.  Paying more than the minimums, paying when due or before, and just catching up.  This would RUIN all that. 
I am ill.  Physically ill.

I never thought this was at all possible.  I thought they were just over-reacting, worst case-scenario-ing it.  But they're deciding as we speak.  If not decided by midnight, all us little people are sc-rewed!
Royally.  Bend us over.      UNGH.

I still just can't believe it could happen.  I'm TRYING to figure out what to do, IF this goes down. 
My genius plan is to run home to mommy's and bury my head in the sand. 
Works for me.....

Good luck to ALL of you this will effect.  I can't even begin to imagine how far this will go.    :(


Kellie said...

I understood that if the government shut down is to happen the military would be fine, they would all be paid without a problem and that those who would really be affected are National parks and museums. Has the Army actually told you that your paycheck would not come? We haven't been contacted or anything to be told we wouldn't get ours.

ps, I love your hair :)

Manda said...

Everything I've read says it would delay pay. Any some have said non-essential personnel who don't have to go to work, won't be paid back. but those who are essential will. Who knows when though.
I think they'd tell us AFTER the decision was made, not much use to say anything before.

Sarah said...

grrr....I am so annoyed too. Both mine and Jeff's checks come from the government, and I highly doubt the small amount of cash I make on piano lessons would even feed my kids for a week.

Manda said...

I have a temporary backup plan in check, but this long term thing just won't do. Seriously bad ju-ju. Not to mention, my backup plan will really hurt the following week(s) if we still aren't getting paid.

Cherie said...

I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this! I hope it all works out okay. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am your newest follower (sorry it took me so long).