Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Vacay, Cops, and Contacts

Well, I have decided to extend my stay here with my family for another week. 
It dawned on me that Easter was a few days away, so I might as well stay!  DER!!
So, I'm gonna have Easter dinner with my lovely family.  That should be nice. 

My "diet" has been a huge struggle while I've been here.  I've gotten a little more control on it, compared to my first few days.  It's still not 100% though.
I read someone's post on that really struck a chord with me. 
(I can't find it, so I have to paraphrase), but it basically was saying (we) ate bad and made poor choices before surgery to get us to that place.  Why would we eat those SAME things now, when we're trying to make this huge change?  (wow, I butchered it, but I think I got the gist).
SO.....instead of looking at bad foods as a reward, or I deserve it, I am doing my bestest to "Just Say 'No'".
I'm not successful 100% of the time - my mom's secret (now hidden) stash of candy still beckons me daily.
But only one slip up a day is better than constant grazing.   And yes, I look for the hiding spots.  I'm awful.

The scale appeared to go down today.  I really don't trust my mom's scale as a reliable source, but it's better than nothing.  I may have lost what I gained here, but I'm still hovering at the 50 lb mark.

Mom and I have been scooping out resale shops all over town.  We found a BIG store with cheap cheap prices, and lots of cute clothes.  I've noticed all the clothes I like are size small.  Doh.  The shirts I do find in my size (XL), all have itty bitty sleeves, and they're either too tight, or just downright too short.  Although my arms are shrinking, the Bat Wing effect is there, and even a small sleeve helps hide that.

We had some excitement the other day, when the cops knocked on the door.  There was a complaint that our dogs were being a nuisance.
Turns out my neighbor (that we've known for 15+ years) finally had finally had enough of al the dogs surrounding his house barking unchecked all day and night.  Before you ask - that was NEVER the case with my dogs.  They bark, yes, but we'd all already been on guard with them barking, because he'd called us complaining several times about it.  At the time the cops came, my dogs had been super good all day, and they were even inside.
I went over to talk to him, and apparently it wasn't about my dogs specifically.  It was about him not being able to go in his own backyard because every dog around him goes nuts at him being back there.  He complained about my mom's dachshund's high pitched bark, and her indifference toward it.
ANYWAYS.  We cleared the air, he doesn't want to be enemies, and he knows we are trying to keep it in check.   I still don't know why he called on US especially when he did, and no other houses surrounding him.
Oh well..........  So now, EVERY time the dogs are outside, we have to be out there with them to fuss at them or quirt them with water if and when they bark.  FUN.

I've been working on leash training my big dogs.  Tink (my Rot) did pretty well once she got the hang of it, but unfortunately, Sinsa FLIPPED out being in her cage without Tink around.  She pooped, and scratched the crap outta her nose trying to get out.
So the next day, my mom and I took BOTH big dogs.  Tink again did well, and Sinsa had NO clue what we wanted, and would drag me when Tink got too far away.  When we got inside, Ginger had flipped out being left out, and clawed the heck out of the carpet.  UGH. 
I would LOVE to be able to take them on walks individually, but as you can see, I don't know how to do that without the others freaking.

Yesterday i got CONTACTS!!!!  I've been wanting to for a while now, and finally broke down.  I am AWFUL at putting them in.  just awful.  I spent half an hour or more at the store attempting to get just one in.  Then she had me take them out, which was only slightly less difficult. 
I'm still trying to get used to them.......
It's strange not having my glasses on.  They feel kinda dry/blurry a lot too.  Lets hope I get used to them!!
Immediately after leaving the store, I realized I now can't wear my clip on sun glasses, so I swung in to Charming charlie and got a cute pair!  YAY

Still rockin the pink hair.  I've had to re-dye 3 times now.  In fact, I've got some soaking in my hair as we speak. 
Well, my animals are insiting I feed I must go.  Talk to ya laters!
OH - So, what are y'alls plans for Easter????

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