Monday, February 27, 2012

Engaged, Married, Moved..... =D

What do I do best??  CHANGE!!
I got MARRIED!  And I MOVED!! 
It's been a long while since I've been able to update my blog, and I apologize.

My weight loss has hit a major brake/plateau.  I have lost another 10 lbs since my last blog post, but that was also months ago.  I was very strong through Halloween and Thanksgiving, and didn't cheat at all.  But then.....I met the table of candy and treats at the in-laws house for Christmas....  and I caved.  I got married 3 days later, and HECK, I wanted CAKE!!  So I caved some more.  Then, we moved, and it was incredibly difficult to be strict while eating fast food most days. 
So, I yo-yo'd quite a bit.  I got back up to 206 again, and have had to get back on the wagon a couple times.  As of today, I've hit 195 and am doing good again.

Ok, I don't doubt you're sitting back thinking "Holy crap, a lot has gone down".....  Well, you are quite correct sir. 

On December 1st, Daniel asked me to marry him.  I of course said YES!! 

and we began to plan our wedding.  We'd planned on April 27th, and were gonna have a fairly big shin-dig in his parent's back yard.  While I liked the idea of a big wedding, I was also feeling overwhelmed with planning and money for all of this.  I semi-jokingly said to Daniel, "why don't we just secretly get married at the Justice of the Peace, and then have a big party in April".  We sort of took the idea and ran with it. 
We were anxious to start our lives together, and live together, and hated always having to say goodnight to one another and part every night.  So, we spoke with our families, and got full support of an early wedding.  Being Christmas time, everyone had some time off, and we were all able to meet together for a small wedding.  Better yet, my DAD was able to marry us!!

So, on December 28th, our immediate family all got to gather together at the college campus nearby.  It was beautiful with a pond and a bell tower in the background. 
My daddy had gotten his "ordinance" (or whatever you call it) a year or two earlier to marry my cousin.  It was a little cold out, but it was a beautiful sunny day, about 60 degrees out.
My good friend was the photographer.
I could not have asked for more.....

So, now I'm a married woman.  My life is a billion percent different than it was 8 months ago. 
I am so blessed and so happy.  I live in a Christ-filled home, and have a Christ--centered marriage.
 It's truly amazing. 

Okay, so after that....we began to talk about where to live.  I was living in my ex's house, renting from him, because I had all my animals.  Daniel moved in, and we discussed buying the house from my ex.  Then I brought up that my goal is to open an animal rescue shelter.  We realized that the house we were in was at capacity, and would not support this dream.
So we looked into moving to more rural areas near us, and also near my family's town.

When we went back home for Christmas break, we stopped in to a realtor place, and they told us we couldn't get a mortgage there if we weren't established there first.  So, we looked in to renting, but with ALL my animals, (and bully breed dogs) we knew that'd be difficult.
When we stopped by to visit my uncle, we mentioned our dilemma, he showed us his garage apartment, and offered it to us.  He had no qualms with the animals.
It would be a big change, going from a 3 bedroom house to 1 bedroom apartment, and no yard, but it was a step in the right direction.

So, on our one month anniversary, Jan 28th, we the beach!!

We've been here a month now.  I was able to transfer to a WalMart here, thankfully.  It's an incredibly different atmosphere, and I miss my old store, but I am learning new things. 

We've fixed up the apartment quite a bit, and decorated as well.  We're almost all moved in. 
The biggest downfall, is we have to take the dogs out on leashes 4+ times a day to potty, and they still don't always go outside.  But they're learning as well. 
It's not as crowded as we'd feared.  We had tried to find someone to doggie sit the big dogs while we lived here, but I'm glad nothing came through.

So, I have a new life, I'm a new person, and have a new outlook on life in general. 
We've found a church near us, and are already starting to feel at home with them.
It's SO nice living close to family and visiting whenever we like.

Back in May I thought my life was over.  I was right.  This life is so much better and I am so thankful to my Father in Heaven for it. 
Promise to update more often.

(I also promised to do a shoutout to my cousin Tiffani, my biggest fan!!)
Love you girl.  You're beautiful, inside and out.