Monday, April 4, 2011


The other day, I did a "good" thing.  I FINALLY got rid of all the food that was still in the house pre-surgery, and pre-hubby deploying. 
I gave several bags of food away on Freecycle to a family who really needed it, and I SO did not need it.
I'd eat crap when I shouldn't have.....

WELL........................that was good, but now I want junk food!!!!!!!
I want to be naughty and eat crap.  GRRRRRRR.  Give me CANDY!!!!

The ironic thing is, I'm full, and wouldn't be able to eat more than a bite or two, but everything else I'm trying isn't curbing it.  I'm probably just super thirsty......and I've been trying to drink, but again, like I said, I'm full.

Ok, just wanted to share. 

Oh, and on another note....I bought the dye for my hair, and my friend is gonna color it for me either tomorrow or Wednesday!!  I'ma be even hott-er!!!



FreeJulie said...

The other day, I thought I was gonna die if I didn't get some Spree candy. Die.

Go figure. It's our brains playing tricks on us. :)

Have fun with the hair color! I've been doing mine a burgundy for months now, I love it!

blu said...

We will survive!! i thought I would put myself on a presurgery diet. NOT!! I cannot for the life of me control my appetite. So glad I will be sleeved on MOnday!!Yippee

Manda said...

I had applesauce (with a splash of cinnamon/sugar *SHHHH) and peanut butter.
Neither did the trick.
*grumbles* "pout, stomp" ;)

Kaylene said...

Go girl! You're doing good! I find the longer I go without something the easier it is to let it go. I forgot about that until I had some bacon a few weeks ago, I've never really cared for bacon, but having it reminded me how sometimes it just tastes good. Then Kevin made up a bag of it with Dinner as we cooked potatoes and eggs, I couldn't stop snacking, I didn't feel good after. Then two days later I HAD to have some. I put my foot down, and it doesn't sound good again. Yay! Enjoy some berries or some pear. Yummy!

Manda said...

I'm tellin ya, smells can be just plain evil. I won't crave a food in any way shape or form, but when I smell it, I want it sooo bad. Bacon's like that! I'm proud of you too girlie! Thanks!!