Friday, April 8, 2011

Game Plan's looking more and more like it may actually happen.  I've heard so many different things, I'm not sure what to believe anymore, but prepare for the worst keeps ringing in my head.

The Army Emergency Relief Fund claims to be prepared to help us out, but I can't imagine them having enough to cover everybody.  But it, and a few other places are there in theory.

I do have a game plan, but it's temporary at best.  It'd help if we did get paid on the 15th, and then I'd be more prepared for the weeks after. 
As of now, our LES shows we're getting paid HALF on the 15th.  Yes HALF.  While I am grateful we're getting paid at all, that's not enough to cover anything but bare minimum.  The army is advising to prepare for 3 months!!!  3 MONTHS?!?!?!            
I was able to defer (well, its pending approval) my car note.  Mortgage however was a big waste of my entire afternoon.  They made me list out every single expense I have, and then said they couldn't do anything - to call the VA. 
I call the VA, and while we won't LOSE our house, they can't help with payments.  I have to be delinquent for them to be able to do anything.    ERGH.

Right now I'm in the process of packing to go visit family.  If we don't get this resolved, I will be staying there indefinitely.....
So I have NO clue how to pack.  I can pack a pair of shorts and a pair of pants, or 6 shorts, and 2 pants.  I mean, if I'm gonna be there all month, I'll want more then 3 outfits, ya know??
Do I bring enough food for the animals for the week I was gonna be there, do I pack everything I have for them, or do I keep it here, and get some down there??

I wanna keep calling bill companies, but it seems futile, til its official.
And THEN it'll be the weekend, and I won't be the only one doing it.
So i am at an impasse.  I feel I can do nothing, and I have a ton to do.

I feel like if I don't do anything I'm being naive....if I do something, I'm jumping the gun and over-reacting.
UGH.  I hated the government BEFORE this all happened. 
I can't STAND them now.

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