Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vacation is Hard on the Thighs

Well, this week I am visiting my family. 
Going back home, is like going back to OOOOLLLDDD habits. 
My family loves to eat.  Eating is entertainment, it is a way to kill time, it is a reward, and just always there.

SOMEHOW, at my current home, I can keep crap out, and eat very well MOST of the time.
Somehow, a my parent's house, I feel like I need to not punish myself, and I DESERVE a little treat.

My mom has a horrible habit of keeping candy (usually m&m's or something easily stealable) in a jar on display in the kitchen.  WOW....I could NOT keep my fingers out of it!  They were Robin eggs, and then Peanut Butter m&m's, and they truthfully made me sick and made me feel bloated and FAT all day, but my mouth did not care.
Then we went to our favorite mexican restaurant.  The meal was a chicken salad, but those chips and dips before hand would NOT stop jumping in my mouth.
And I couldn't stop eating!    I was physically in pain, but it only barely deterred me.

I keep checking my mom's scale, and its a piece of crap, if you ask me, the non-digital kind....
It literally moves if I lean any direction. 
All I know is its higher than it was when I first got there....can't tell by exactly how much, but any isn't good.

OHH, I didn't even mention my nephew's birthday party!!!
The food part, I did okay on....not a whole lot of good choices, (the pulled pork was great, but LOTS of sauce, the beans had a ton of sugar, etc)
My downfall came at dessert.  I just got a small serving....of 3 things.....and maybe somehow finished it.
Again, I felt like poo afterward.
You'd think I'd learn. 

All the shopping at thrift stores my mom and I always do, has proved rewarding!
I am in a solid XL and size 20 pants!!!!  (I started at a 3-4x and 28 pant)
I even fit into a pair of 18 capris!

So....I am just gonna take it minute by minute, try not to beat myself up, and try and do better.
I had my indulgences, and I'm gonna hopefully leave it at that.
I've pleaded with mom to put the candy out of sight, and its already helped.

Maybe I'll even drag my butt to work out or walk or something. 
Here's to doing better.......!!



Sheila said...

I agree...visiting my mom, I *always* eat more. She is like a drug pusher with the food. To her food=love. Glad you had her hide the candy and definitely take that walk!

Anonymous said...

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