Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Give Aways....?

So, I know a lot of blog sites do give aways, and I suspect this is one thing that generates heavier traffic.
I am considering doing some occasional give-a-ways, and would like some feedback on what you'd want!
I can always offer some goody that I make, or something I'm getting rid of.  (hehe cheap!!)
If you're interested, and if you have experience in drawings, please give me some feedback!

I think my FIRST give away will be a personalized name-block or frame-block for the winner!
We'll talk about your style, colors, what it'll say, etc.
For now, until I get a better idea how to do this.....it'll be chosen on random.org out of anyone who leaves a comment and is a follower.
I will close in about a week.

Oh boy!  I'm excited, how bout you!???!!!

Previous "name blocks" I've made....

Anyways, that's what we'll draw for!!  I'm looking forward to it, and I hope you are too!!


Julie Elizabeth said...

Hey, Manda! I follow you on my google reader :D

These are all so beautiful!

Angela said...

I'm not a follower but I am a subscriber and I love getting to read your journey!

Manda said...

All right....I supppooooose I'll let y'all slide. :P
I believe you!!!
Good luck winning!!!

Manda said...

I just did random.com generator for y'all and *drumroll please*..........JULIE won!!
I'll get ahold of you to plan out what you want!!