Monday, March 7, 2011

Updates and (Probably) Ranting

So, it's been about 6 weeks since surgery.  I am what I consider to be "fully" recovered.  I've been moved to solid foods (which...shhh, dont tell, I've been on for a while pretty much). 
I still eat mostly meat and cheese.  It's a mini version (or maxi version, however you wanna look at it) of the Atkins diet.  In fact, I've even started journalling my food, and testing for ketones.  (I have high levels!!)
I've lost 32 lbs now, and am down 2 sizes.  I fit into the next size, but they're tight, so I'll wait a few more pounds.   I had a good friend give me the clothes she cant wear anymore (she had the sleeve too), and I love em!!  I went shopping yesterday and was so happy at everything that fit!!  And proud of myself because I didn't buy hardly anything.  I've decided I can't wear clothes long enough to merit spending very much on them.  Especially the $44 for a t-shirt Lane bryant charges!!!

My living room is still full of equipment, and it keeps looking at me.  :)   I try to work out at least some every day.  Yesterday I was able to do 10 minutes on the elliptical which amounted to 1000 calories.  This impresses me, because I maybe consume 1000 calories in a day!!  Buahahahaha.  Not to mention, 10 minutes is a current personal record for me.  Sad I know, but I went a year with no exercise at all.

My current big plan is I am trying desperately to go back to school.  (I may rant in this part, just warning you).  I got my associates a few years ago, after 5 years of multiple majors, getting married, transferring schools, etc. 
My mom helped me pinpoint "what i wanna be when I grow up".....
I think I wanna be a counselor. 
I've been seeing a counselor since my husband deployed last time (2008) because of depression.  I continue to see her today.  She's an amazing person and influence in my life.  She helps me evaluate situations and find purpose and goals in my life. 
I think I could do that.  AND, its a "sit down" job, so if my foot never gets better, I can still work!

I have NEVER been able to visualize myself in a career.  The word career made me wanna run.  I used to (and still technically do) want to do marine biology or veterinary work, but both never seemed attainable.  Both required a lot of physical activity and standing, and I knew it wasn't feasible.
Not to mention, there's no programs for either within 200 miles from here.

SOOOO.....looks like a psycology major may be in the cards!
I'm looking into going to the college nearby, or the university of Phoenix.  The problem is money.  Financial aid didn't bring in very much, and I thought my husband's GI Bill would be able to transfer to me (at least partially).  Well, i was wrong. 
I really really don't want to do student loans, but it looks like it may be that or don't go.
I'm gonna go meet with the U of P financial counselor in a bit.  We spoke for a long while on the phone already, and everything sounded great, except the money part.  Bah.

Ok....I need a new subject.
Well, maybe not.  never mind.  I'm gonna go shower. 
I like blogging.  It helps me vent and process. 
:)   Manda


Artsy Ali said...

I am so excited for you! Keep posting I love reading them! I know school can be frustrating but it seems like you just can't go to school without getting loans now days. I am glad I am going into debt for my school loans because I know the return I am getting is priceless! Love you tons! Keep it up!

Manda said...

Thanks sweetie, I am determined!
I'm proud of you for still going with the baby and everything.

Brittany said...

Yay congrats on working out.. next time shoot for 11 or 12 minutes.. keep saying ur badass and that you can do it! :)

GOD I nvr know what I want to be.. it used to be teacher.. but then one day I thought about how evil kids are and seeing kids picked on would make me depressed b.c I was picked on.

Then I used to want to be a social worker.. I still kinda do.. but then idk..

I really would like to have my own business(x2). I thought how cool it would be to have a restore consignment shop of kids items and next door have a daycare. I looove buying and selling things for a profit. My mom used to go to flea markets and I guess its in my blood.. but I also looove kids and I don't want to watch kids from out of my home all my life.

Idk... I've always wanted to be a stay at home mommy. Lol. Every(alomst) little girls dream.

Manda said...

I wanted to do the EXACT same thing!! Kids resale next to a daycare....and all the toys/clothes that didn't sell would be used for the daycare. I had it all planned out. But like everything else, it fizzled away into nothingness....