Monday, March 21, 2011


Today was awesome!
I went over to my friends house (waves "HI!!") and we worked out together!!
I was surprised how much more energy I had, and how much longer I wanted to workout for, just by having a partner!
I started out on her treadmill, and did 20 minutes @ 2.5 with 5 lb hand weights.
My foot started yelling at me, but I slowed it down a tad, and it helped. 
(oh and MAN did I notice the pressure on my foot when I held those 10 lbs.  I can see how losing weight helps!!)
After that, we moved over to trying out Zumba.  HA!  I am SO uncoordinated!!
They wanted us to step forward, and hop, to trade feet.  Yeah, I don't hop.  Plus we were on carpet.
So I added a step in.  Which worked fine, til they had us clap, cuz I wasn't on beat, and couldn't do both at the same time!  It was fun though.  I wanna find a BEGINNER video.  No way could I keep up with anything at all advanced.
We also tried some different exercises with lifting legs, and the exercise ball, and stuff.
It wasn't easy, but it was fun!
Tomorrow, she's coming to my house to work out in the "home gym".  Maybe play with the Wii.

So the Wii....another friend let me borrow hers, to test it out and see if I wanted to invest in getting one.
I set it up, made my Mii, and got started with the Wii Active.
It had me do a workout.  I'd watch a video, warm up, do the activity for 2 minutes, and then it'd move to another one.  This irritated me.  I couldn't figure out how to just do one activity and stick with it.
It had me run in place (HA!).  I walked the entire track, and the voice was fairly insulting.....
I will try it again, but first impression wasn't too hot.

I am proud of myself though.  My muscles all have that tingly feeling, like they're growing or something.
I was weak, and weighed myself last night and this morning.....
But I lost a pound each time, so it was worth it!!! 
I am at -39 lbs now!  .9 away from 4-0 baby!!!!!!
I'm just about at the point where I'm the next pant size down.  Part of me is afraid to try the smaller clothes on, because it brings back the "I'm too fat to fit into anything" feeling, but it's a nice surprise if they DO fit!

My 10 year HS reunion is coming up in June, and my goal was to hit -50 by then.   I think it's attainable, but I'm not gonna freak if I don't hit it (although, I may freak if I haven't lost 10 lbs in 2 months).
It's cocktail I have NO clue what to wear.  I don't look right in a skimpy little cocktail dress.
Slacks and a nice shirt will probably be my decor.

I've gotten my whole bottle of water (74 oz) in every day for 3 days now.  I attribute my 2 lbs to that detox.
It's really helped me to stop grazing.  I was having 3-6 snacks a day, cuz my tummy empties so quick, I get hungry a lot, ya know?  But constantly sipping/chugging water keeps it occupied.  And when it just won't accept that as being enough, I know it's time to eat something.

Why do I both feel impatience at the rate of loss, and impressed at the same time?
I mean, come on....(im gonna say 40)....40 lbs in 2 months is impressive by any standard.  But on any given day, I wish I was farther, and afraid I'm not doing enough. 
I do like seeing results, and saying 40 in 2 sure feels good!

Ok, the water's kicking in, gotta go!!  Literally!!


Angela said...

Great work! I reupped my water and have gotten what I wanted in each day. Now if I can just kick this uti. :(

Brenda Lu said...

You are on your way!! Can't wait until 4/11, that is my surgery date and I will be right there with you!!

Manda said...

Angela, I am succeptable to UTI and kidney stones, so I take cranberry pills every day to make them healthy, you ever try that?

Brenda, I can't wait FOR you!! Are you changing anything diet pr exercise wise before surgery, or waiting til after?