Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Picture Progress

Hello All!
Today was very busy but rewarding.  I worked out with my friend again, this time at my house.  We did cardio equipment, and then a workout video.  About an hour total, and very fun!
Even though I was sore for the rest of the day, for some reason I said yes, when another friend invited me to go to Zumba with her.  I'd never been, and was nervous I couldn't keep up, and that my foot would give out.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised!  I kept up pretty well, and just altered a few things, like the quick steps and hops, and squats to what I could handle. 
I lasted the whole hour too!!  Its a lot of fun and a heck of a workout!

This morning I went to my Weight Loss Surgery support group.  The scale there (which costs like $1000 and is crazy accurate), said I weighed less than my home scale does.  So I'm gonna go by that scale!
So I am now -42 lbs!!!!!!!!!  
I don't know how I'm gonna handle weighing again on my home scale though, cuz it's above what I'm basing it off.  Who knows.

I tried on all the clothes I have saved away from different seasons, but more from my different weights.
I tried on a ton, and I am 100% in the next size down!!
Its funny.....last time I lost weight (-55) I had to buy all new summer clothes, cuz I was 50 lbs less than I was the year before.  Well, the year after that, I'd gained, so they didn't fit.  And NOW....THEY fit again!  And perfect timing too, it's starting to get warm!!!!!

Ok, so here are some before and after/progress pictures I thought y'all'd (yes its a word) enjoy.
Facebook peeps, I know you've already seen em, so just bare with me!!!!

Pre Surgery, Highest Weight

2 weeks after surgery, -20 lbs

6 weeks post op, -32 lbs


2 months out, -42 lbs

I am still not getting the hang of getting these pictures to cooperate.
Hope you can see a change, I can.  My butts shrunk significantly!!!


C. Claus said...

Looking GREAT, Manda! I can totally see a change!

FreeJulie said...

Excellent progress, you look fantastic!! Great job!

Kaylene said...

Yay!!! You look awesome!

Sheila said...

I see a big difference in your face AND your body! It is definitely shrinking...woo hoo! Great job!

Manda said...

Thanks guys! I getting to the point where I feel most like "myself", basically because its the size I've been most of my life. Slightly nervous to see how I'll look past that point!!

roseann said...

Looks good amanda keep it up.