Thursday, March 10, 2011

Emergency Room and School

Well, if you read my last (maybe the one before that...) post, I talked about having chest pains.
I put off going to the ER (my regular doc didn't have the right equipment), and when I got very little sleep last night I decided it may be time to get my (shrinking) booty to the hospital.
Just walking to the front desk from the car had my heart beating out of my chest and me completely out of breath.  Now, I may be out of shape, but I'm not THAT out of shape!!

Because it was chest pains, I went straight back and they hooked me up to a heart monitor and pulse ox, and did an EKG.  My blood pressure was HIGH...  Like 157/90 or sumthing. 
While I was there from 8-2, I was impressed with how quickly and thorough everyone was.

Now, I am a hard stick when it comes to drawing blood.  (remember trying to get an IV before surgery, cuz I sure do!!)  But, I've lost weight, and I didn't want to jinx this girl, so I just showed her my best spot, and let her do her thing.  It took her a minute, but only one stick, and she got al the blood she needed and set up an IV for me.  I was very impressed!!

The doc took a look at my legs and noticed how big/swollen they are.  he asked if it was normal, and to me they were.  I have lymphodema, which is swelling in one or both (i have both) legs.  Its "painless" and I just thought I had fat legs my entire life.  Anyways, the doc was looking at my legs, because he was worried I may have a clot from surgery or from my immobile foot in a brace.
So I got an ultrasound of my bad leg.  The tech had to push hard to get through to the artery, and I was not amused.  But it came up clear/inconclusive.

After that, I got a chest x-ray done.  Then I went back to my bed to wait.  Oh, yeah....they pushed me around in a wheelchair every time.  Even to go to the bathroom, so I didn't mess up more anything that may be wrong.  It was weird.  LOL.

The doc came in, talked about what all he saw, and explained his concerns about me possibly having a pulmonary embolism.  He said my symptoms were consistent with a clot forming.  He couldn't see anything but a small amount of fluid in my lungs, so he ordered a chest CT.  My potassium levels were fine, my thyroid was fine, and he was waiting on the cardiac enzymes to come back.
The chest CT was different from when I had CTs for my kidney stones.  They did the dye.  It went in through my IV site, and was like this rush of warm in my chest, and stomach.  The nurse warned me, and she didn't lie.  It literally felt like I'd peed my pants.  My hoo-ha was warm and I could not tell if I indeed had peed or not until I stood up.  (very glad I didn't!!).  But I did immediately request a potty pit stop.

Once all the results were in, he said he didn't find anything.  I kind of gave him attitude, cuz I was frustrated with the results.  I was like, "so what, I'm just supposed to walk around with pains in my chest and shoulders and not be able to breathe, and just ignore it?"   He just said that I made the right decision in coming in, and to come back if it didn't pass or got worse.  He does want me to do a stress test with my Primary Care physician.  (NOT looking forward to that!)      And so I was discharged.  The morphine had helped with the pain, so he just told me to take pain meds as needed.

After running home to let the dogs out, I ran to Goodwill.....(normally I wouldn't have, but I'll explain).  I'd seen a cardio glide there 2 days ago, with no price and the pricing manager had already left.  I called yesterday, and asked about the price, and they said it was going in the bargain barn, which is only open thur-sat 9-3.  So, there was just enough time to swing in and see if it was still there.
It was!!  They had 2 actually - both $10!!  They also had an Ab Doer 2 for $6.50 and an Ab Roller for $2.50.    I scored for $20!!
Now I just gotta find a spot for it.

Yesterday I discussed becoming a counselor WITH my counselor, and she told me what she wished someone had told her.  That its not over when you get your masters.  There 2000 hours of in person training (actually counseling fosters or medicare people) one hour at a time.  And then there were licensing tests to take.  So the entire process takes about 8 years. 
While she didn't want to poo poo on my "dream", she did want me to realize what was involved.
I had thought that when i finished school, i would be able to have a great job, and support the hubby when he goes to school......well, not at that rate. 

Her solution was to get a BS in nursing.  It would take 2 years, and I'd be able to work with a high paying gig immediately.  And if I still wanted, i could continue with my masters.
My biggest concern was my foot, and being on my feet.  She said there are plenty of nursing jobs where you dont have to stand too much.

Well, I liked the idea.  but I had to tweak it.  My upper class college doesn't do sciences, but the lower college does.  SOO, i'd get another AA, BUT, now I'd qualify for the MyCAA $4000 scholarship!!!!!
So, this is what I'm trying to go for now.  I think i'd really enjoy it. 

Oh, one more thing.....I am now down to -36 lbs!!

I know I'm long winded, but I'm DONE!!!
Thanks for reading!!
I'd love to hear your feedback!

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