Saturday, March 19, 2011

Short and Sweet

Howdy Doody!
I don't have any big news to talk about, but I like posting, so I will!!

Today, I straightened up the house in preparation for company.  It was mainly working on my office/craft room to make room for the both of us to crop.
I LOOOVE to scrapbook and other crafty things.  I tend to have big highs and big lows with it (as I do with weight, church, school, oh and probably any number of other things in my life).

Besides making my grandmother's bed tray, the last time I did any scrapbooking, was making christmas cards. So, between putting things away this past week and today, I am getting antsy to get something started.

What I worked on today was unmounting some more stamps.  (I take them off the wood blocks, add repositionable glue, and store them in cd cases.  Saves SOO much room.
I stamp the images on a sheet to go in the front and spine, so it's a nice baby step to get me back in the groooooove.  ("beware the groove!")

I had a lot of fun with my friend.  We've hung out many times before, but never one on one, and it was great getting to know her better!!  We have MANY future tentative exercise dates!  We both scrapbooked a little bit, but I think more talking than scrapping was done!

Another friend gave me LOTS of advice on food choices and nutrition.  LOTS of things to mull over. 
It could be a can of worms, but it could also be another project to focus on, which I need all I can get my hands on right now!  Biggest thing I'm gonna attempt to do is to only look at the scale ONCE a week.  EEEP.  I need to pick a day.  But I can't decide which one is worthy, lol!!

I was SO proud of myself for drinking an entire bottle of water (74 oz!!)  
I am working on repeating it today!!  I have 1/3 bottle left.....I can dooo iiiittt!!!

I was looking for a pair of capris today, and 4 of the 5 I tried on were so big, a belt wouldn't even hold them up!!  Whoooot.    However, now I have not so many capris to wear. 
I may have to convert a pair of jeans over.  DARN this losing weight!!  (JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!)

I talked to my better half today.  :D   It makes me happy.  He is doing well, and is a step away from his final destination.  It's amazing the difference how the day goes when I talk to him and when I don't.
Doesn't have to be about anything important or anything, just hearing his voice makes my day brighter.

Okay, I promised short and I'm gonna go back to being crafty!!
See ya tomorrow probably!

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Sheila said...

Congrats on your surgery and loss so far! I love being crafty too, but don't often find the time it takes to do it. I tend to go to a scrapbooking weekend and get as much done as possible because I don't find time otherwise. Glad we found each other's blogs!