Thursday, October 6, 2011

GUYS Guys guys..... My Favorie Subject!!

Did I mention I was single??  Cuz yeah, I am.  And....I'm "skinny" for the first time since high school.  I actually weigh less now than I did my senior year.  Booyah!
And I'm sorry, when your butt looks like this.....ya gotta flaunt it!!!

LOL....anyways.  I have been dating.  And it has been fun.  The first guy, was just talking, and it was while I was still married technically, and he just became a tird and stopped talking to me, so....moving on to other things. 
Next guy....I'm still not sure what I saw in him, other than attention. 
Casual was the word to describe it.  Occasionally fun.  Still, there was an undeniable spark, and its still tough to see him without feeling silly.
Third guy.....
I met a guy online.  He was really really sweet.  Lived in Austin, and LDS.  We talked a lot.  Went through scenarios of how life would be "if and when" we were married.
We'd planned out our first date, and were trying to set a time good for both of us.
He has 2 kids, and a lot of baggage emotionally, but I was still on board....
Until he stopped talking to me.
SERIOUSLY?!?!?!  Come on guys, buck up and just break up with me, don't just be silent!  GRRRR

And now for the fun part!!  A real live LDS BOY!!!!
Ok, I should back up a few steps.....
Yesterday I had a strong heart to heart with God.  I was clinging on to guy #2 and 3 just because they were there.  Guy 2 was purely a physical being, and it was just leading down a dangerous path....
So I gave it to God.  I asked for patience.  To help me stop SEARCHING for guys, and just be able to be calm, and wait. 
Wow..  all I can say is wow.  He answered my prayer a few hours later.

I went to my church's scripture study for the singles, and I started talking to a few guys.  Normally I don't think anything about this.  Just making friends.  We all went out for a bite afterward, and had a blast.  One of the guys I was talking to sat by me and we talked one on one a lot, and touched knees and little giddy stuff like that.
Another guy was super sweet and paid for my meal (scrambled eggs and cheese!!).
The guy who sat beside me (guy #4) hung out in the parking lot afterwards, and we talked for like an hour.
About anything and everything. 
About temple marriages, about sin and forgiveness, about my weight loss surgery, about what we like and dislike in relationships...
He asked at first, "so when are we gonna go out?" and I said,...."um, when you ask me?"
So we set up a date.  Then talked.

I thought that was the end of the night when he said he had to go get to bed. 
We texted a few times, and had a few sweet comments back and forth.
He decided to come over, and we hung out a few hours more.  :)
We shared some nice kisses, and cuddles.  We played Uno a few dozen times, and he totally kicked my butt.  It was a really really surprising end to the day, and a sweet first date.
God truly immediately blessed me when I gave up my guy #2 "addiction" and he gave me a good LDS boy.  :)

OK, you ready for it??
When I went into work today, the guy who paid for my meal was there, and asked me out.

Unfortunately, it was for the same night I already had a date.

So, what do I do?  Do I date both?  Do I become exclusive with someone I've had one date with?
I'm a month+ out from my divorce....I wanna shop around, but I also don't wanna hurt anyone.
So, I told my current guy about potential guy, and vice versa....
And with their reactions, and some thought, I came to the conclusion, that I need to see where this thing with Guy #4 leads.

I'd asked him what church was gonna be like this Sunday, and he said that we would sit by each other, and people would talk, and then he'd be like "what?  we're gonna get out of the singles branch before you!  :P   "  LOL  So, I'm totally looking forward to church now!!!

Speaking of guys in my life.........
My ex-husband and I saw each other on web cam for the first time in months.  I'd seen him, but not heard him, back in maybe June.  I hadn't heard his voice since April.
It was very very interesting.....
Its amazing how different the same conversation can come across differently over IM verses webcam.
We talked like 3 hours.  It was really nice.  I missed him.  He was, and is, still my best friend, and it sucks not talking to him.   I was really happy getting to talk to him, but afterward, stuff started to sink in, and it put me in a weird mood.  Guess its to be expected.

Well, ok, update on my weight loss progress.  I hit a speed bump when my family came in to town, which I knew would happen....
I'd gotten down to 210 when they came, and hovered at it +1 or 2 lbs for a few days.
Now I got back on track, and I hit 209!!  Single digits!!  In 2 lbs, i'll have lost 100 lbs.
in 10 lbs i'll be in ONE-der-land!!!

While mom was here, I tried on everything I owned, and got rid of 10 large trashbags worth of clothes that were too big.  This is in addition to the 2 HUGE piles I'd been adding to since the beginning.
So yay!  I'm in an 18 now.  20's are WAY baggy, and 16's are too tight, but they close!
Hooray!  I'm happy to see results!


Angela said...

Way to go! Oh, my biggest fear if something ever happens to Reed is having to date again...nightmares....yikes. I'm glad you're having fun!

Ordinary Girl said...

Fun reading about dating. Gosh, that's been a looong time away. You rock that skinny body, girl!