Tuesday, October 11, 2011

100 lbs down BABY!!!!

100 POUNDS DOWN!!!!!

Here is a visual for you!  (DEEESGUSTING!)  *shudders*

I hit 100 lbs 2 days ago!! 
I am now actually at -102!!
I am 205 lbs, and soooo close ton ONE-der-land!

I have been rocking a size 16 pant, that makes the booty look great, even though I'm not in ALL 16's.
My foot has not bothered me in a looong time.  I still can't get over this concept!
My back actually bothers me more then my feet do!
I still tape my foot every day to provide arch support (I can't go without it, I've tried), but compared to a year ago, its night and day!!

I was looking through my scrapbook pages last night with my fella (more about him in a minute!!)
and I was SHOCKED at how much smaller I am now than I was in EVERY SINGLE ONE of those pictures!   I am smaller now - by a lot - than when I first got married in 2003.
I am about the size I was my sophomore year in high school.
This boggles my mind, as I used to look at my wedding pics, or my senior pics, and long for those "skinny" days to be back. 

Ok, so, I took some pictures of my 100 lb loss, and I wore a dress that I'd taken pictures of when I'd lost 70.....so here is the comparison. 


-70 lbs, May 12th                                                                -100 lbs, October 9th
-70 lbs, May 12th                                                                  -100 lbs, October 9th
-70 lbs, May 12th                                                           -100 lbs, October 9th 
-70 lbs, May 12th                                                         -100 lbs, October 9th

This is just amazing to me.  I'm comparing for the first time, just now, and its insane.  Look at the difference in my legs! And my waist!  Goodness.....
Ok, here's a few of the pics from the past to compare to now......

Feb 2003       Size 20 dress                                                Oct 2011, size 16/18

Senior Portrait 2000                                                                Last Week

Ok.....so on to my love life.  Heeeee....   <3
I can't BELIEVE how much has changed in less than a week!
I went out with the guy from Denny's for a couple days.  He was very sweet, and we got along great, but I decided it'd be best for us to part ways.  We're still friends.

The guy that paid for my meal at Denny's, and then came to my work to ask me out and I are now dating.   It was kind of subtle at first, and now it's just amazing.
Because I was with the other guy, he and I just texted to get to know each other and became friends.
I was amazed at how it felt like I'd known him for years.
He's pretty shy (in person), so he could open up over text more.
We got to have lunch together once, and apparently I didn't scare him off with talk of all my animals and my dream of opening up an animal rescue.  In fact, he liked me all the more for it.

Then, he went to a little concert at a bar/restaurant of a 70's/80's cover band with his brother, sis in law, and friends, and invited me to come join them after work.
We were still in the friend phase, and just enjoyed each other's company.
But there was a very nice moment when we went on the porch and talked.  And something really just clicked. 
We went to church the next day, still as friends, and it started to feel like "ok, time to make it official, there's something there...."

After I'd ended things with the 1st guy, we discussed being a couple, and both thought it was a good idea.  Since then, it's just been moment upon moment of greatness.
He helped me study for Pharmacology, we went to lunch, we went to the movies, I met his parents, I showed him all my scrapbooks, we went to a church activity (we played Disney Scene It! with the singles, and he's as good as I am at it!!)

Photo Booth in the Mall


He's such a good guy.  He's so gentle, and is such a gentleman.  He listens to KLOVE (a Christian station that I love), and has such a strong testimony in the Gospel.
Oh, and do you see his eyes??   I told him he had very pretty eyes, and he told his brother and sister in law and was like "FINALLY!!"
I was shocked, and he said they'd JUST been talking about that, and they'd asked if I'd said anything about them, and were surprised I hadn't, because that's the first thing EVERYBODY says.   LOL
They're like ice blue, mile long eyelashes, and just stare into your soul.  Just dazzling. 


Anyways, I'm really really happy.   It's been kind of fast, but if y'all know me, you know I'm kind of impulsive.  We've got very similar goals, and we're both cautious in our relationships so we don't get hurt again, so we'll take it day by day and see where it goes.
In the mean time, I'll be smiling!!

Down 100 pounds AND a boyfriend all in the same week!  SCORE!!


Sarah said...

You look beautiful and happy! I am so happy for you!

Kayla said...

I admire your perseverance to your journey! You've done such a great job, weight loss is not an easy task.

Sheila said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! WOW...those -30lbs made a huge difference in your legs, waist and chin! Great job!! Dont' forget about your blog award!!!

FreeJulie said...

Wonderful job, congratulations!! You look fantastic. Keep up the great work!

Opal Oneal said...

Way to go, Manda! Those pictures are very inspiring. I'm so happy that you finally got your body back.