Friday, December 17, 2010


OK, so I apologize profusely for not writing in so long.  I don't always know what to talk about. 
My main excuse is my husband took (is taking) all of December off work, and we have been enjoying each other's time together. 
We learned about 2 weeks ago he will be deploying early next year.  It was a very last second thing.  He had been scheduled to go in 2012.  So, we're preparing for that as well.
I have now accepted it.  It was a giant slap in the face at first though.  Christmas has changed some in prep of the deployment.  I gave my hubby all his gifts right away to be able to wear and enjoy while he's home.  He got some college football shirts and a new jacket, a nice warm throw, and a painting I had a friend make for him of the Green Lantern.  (it goes with his Phantom and Scarface paintings I had made by the same guy).

Ok, now for the BIG news!!!  I got a call last week offering me a surgery date!!!
January 20th baby!!  It will be after the holidays, and while hubby's still home, so it'll be perfect!
I will be an entirely different person physically by the time he gets home.  People keep asking me how he'll react to that.  I asked him, and he was like "I don't know, I am a laid back person - I'm cool with whatever".  Hee.  He makes me giggle.  That's why I couldn't think of how he'd react, because he would love me no matter what.  I WILL however knock his socks off!!! 

I attended a support group the day I got my date, and met a bunch of ladies who'd either had the sleeve or the lap band.  It re-inforced that the sleeve is the best option for me.  Ladies were saying how after the sleeve, they no longer craved sweets or chocolate, and even sugar free carnation instant breakfast was too sweet for them.  But lap band patients were still craving and eating both.  The difference is the removing of the hormone production ghrenlin.  It's what makes you hungry and crave stuff.  I'd venture to say that's what is a lot of us chubby gal's problem.  So that makes me optimistic.  Also, they were singing praises of the military hospital and the doctors there.  I was nervous about that.  I'm not anymore.

Right now we are visiting with family for the holidays.  We went all out for my nephews' present.  I spent weeks searching Craigslist for a basketball goal at a good price.  (they had come to visit us for Thanksgiving, and we'd just bought ourselves one, and the boys LOVED IT)  So I really wanted to surprise them with one.  Well, we drove out to see one, and it was literally a piece of crap.  There was another that this douche bag was over-selling in his ad, and wouldn't drop lower than $65.  So, we bit the bullet, and bought a new one (for $65!)!  Since my hubby won't be here next Christmas, he really wanted to go all out this year.
I'm excited!!!  (if you know my nephews or brother, don't give the secret away!!!)

Well, I can't think of much else to chat on right now.  I will try my hardest to post more often. 
Thanks for reading!!

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Artsy Ali said...

Yay Manda! I am so excited for you!! Hope all goes well! Love you! :)