Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kidney Stone

Well Christmas came early for me.....NOT. 
For some reason, as soon as my husband leaves and is unavailable, I get SICK.  Last time I had a raging UTI, this time I have a kidney stone. 
My husband went to go visit and drive back with my Dad who is contracting in Iowa.  They don't get back til Christmas Eve.  I literally dropped him off hours before my first major symptom.

I had suspected I MIGHT be getting a UTI, due to some occasional sharp pains, and general aching/cramping in my lower back.  Well, yesterday around noon, it hit. 
(TMI warning). 
I thought maybe it was just horrible I tried to go potty.
Instead, I doubled over in the most excrutiating pain I've ever had in my life. 
My hubby was gone, and my mom asleep after working all night, so I did my best to suffer in silence.
The pain slowly subsided enough to where I could function somewhat.
(I kid you not, had I woken mom up to take me to the hospital, I wouldn't have been able to get dressed or walk.)
Well, I'm "recovered" enough now, that I can make the necessary calls with the insurance company to see where I can go since I'm out of town for Christmas.  I get a number and directions, and head over ASAP.

The Urgent Care clinic was surprisingly quick, and the doctor really nice.  They did a urinalysis and blood work, and from the tests they could do in house, they saw blood in the urine, and suspected either a mild bladder infection (due to low white blood cells), or a kidney stone.
As of this moment, I'd taken a pain pill I'd had for my foot, and wasn't in too much pain, just cramping.
So the doc sends me home, and says if the pain continues/gets worse, he had ordered a CAT scan at the local hospital, and to go do that.

Well, on my way out, the nurse gives me an appt to return the next morning, and when I asked if the CAT scan should be done before then, she said she would if she were me.
So, I make an appt, but its now after hours, and I have to go through the ER.
This "frightens" me.  I thought I'd be waiting for hours, and I'd been at the clinic a few hours already.
It was also surprisingly speedy.
I just had to register in the ER, and then went right up to CT.

I'd had an MRI before, but never a CAT scan.  It was simple enough, and within half an hour, the Urgent Care doc called to tall me it was a 3-4mm kidney stone.  UGH.
Well so far the pain meds I was on was working fine, so he said he'd see me in the morning.

Right before I'd left for my scan, I'd taken a pain pill (around 6:30), and at 9:00 it started wearing off.  (its a 6 hour I was like...hmmm)
I went VERY quickly from mild discomfort to OH MY LORD. 
I had just made plans for my brother to swing by and when he calls, I answer the phone bawling.
He gets off the phone to set up some people to come give me a blessing.
Not 2 minutes later, my husband instinctively calls (it dawned on HIM that my pain meds won't be strong enough, but not on me or the doc).  I must have scared him to death.  I answer the phone, but cannot talk, and can barely breathe.  I'm bawling and almost hyperventilating.  He hangs up, and coordinates with mom (at work) and my brother to take me to the hospital.

Immediately my brother comes to get me, and my sister in law's dad meets us there (for a blessing). 
The pain is now coming in waves, so one minute I'm functioning, the next I have to go to my happy place.
The ER gets me in pretty quick, and since they already have the CAT scan and a diagnosis, he gives me an option:  I can stay in the hospital a couple hours with an IV drip, or they can give me a strong anti-inflammatory and a perscription for some vicodin and send me home.
Since it was after 10pm , and I had others waiting on me....I said "as long as I'm not in pain, I'd like to go home".  So, in and out within an hour.

My bro and his father in law take me home to give me a blessing (which worked wonders BTW), and my bro dropped off my Rx.
My mom got off work early to have someone home with me, and we went and got the Rx together.  On the way, I got another wave of horrid pain.   I can't even imagine if I'd been driving. 
It only lasted 5-10 mins, and I was okay-ish again, and grabbed my meds.

So here I am today.  I woke up feeling fine, slept through the night well. 
My out of town doc is getting with my home doc to get me to a urologist. 
I was doing fine, but as I write this I feel a wave of nausea hitting, and PRAY that's all it is. 
So I'm gonna go.
I'll try and keep y'all updated.


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