Monday, November 8, 2010

My Past Week

 So my good buddy (holla!) was fussing at me for not "maintaining my blog".  I originally wanted this to be about my weight loss story, but since that's not progressing right now, I shall entertain y'all with my life!  EXCITED YET???  Oh Boy!!

I have pulled out my journal to make sure I fill you in completely and leave nothing to the imagination!  Muahahaha!! 

Ok, well, on the 28th, we got one of my kittens fixed.  She did very well, but one of the lovely perks of spaying, is they need to be seperated from the others for 10 days.  Oy.  No jumping, wrestling, playing, or merry making of any kind.  So, I transformed the Man Cave into a cozy habitat for my Wiley.  Litterbox, waterbowl, lots of blankets and beds, toys, and an open window blinds to peer out of.

Wiley wearing the E-Collar

Well....the first couple days, she was literally recovering, and was glad for the solitude. 
There was one point she got bad diarrhea and we had to move her to the bathroom so she didn't ruin anything in the Man Cave.  It was only for a day or two. 
Once day 5 came around, she was feeling much better, and now wanted company constantly, and wanted OUT.    I did my best to go in and visit as often as I could.  I'd spend 10mins-2hours at a time....I'd eat breakfast in there, watch TV, etc to multitask.  :)
Well, like I said, she was getting restless, so she'd spend 70% of her time banging on the door and meowing to get out.  Poor Pookie. 
We attempted to put an E- Collar on her when she started to lick her stitches, but after coming home to her with her are up to her arm pit stuck in the collar, we decided to take it off. 
Today was RELEASE day!!  She got her stitches removed, and is now FREEEEE!  She immediately commenced in wrestling with the other kitten we have.    I am so glad that's over, but our other kitten, Patchy will be getting spayed in a month or two.....  OY!!

When my mama was in town a week or two ago, she gave me a nice bread maker. I've played with it a few times now.  I made French bread (because it was the only kind I could make with no dry milk), and then cinnamon raisin bread - YUM!!  I just adore the smell of fresh baked bread throughout the house. 
I'd surprised my hubby with the French Bread when he got back from JRTC. 

We went to Kohl's the other day.  This is kind of big because I worked there in 2007, and since the job sucked so bad, I somewhat boycotted Kohl's ever since.  Well, when my mama was here, I opened an account to get a Dyson vacuum (saweeeet!), and my hubby and I went back the other day.  It was an un-advertised night owl, early bird sale, and boy did we clean up!!  I literally saved $240!!  I got a new pair of shoes, and they are women's shoes for the first time in years!!  They're white with purple trim!  YAY!  They were $11.99 plus 20% off coupon!  We also got some Christmas presents, mostly for ourselves, hehe.  I was able to find a good replacement pillow for my couches, and got a bunch. 

Halloween came and went for us.  We don't really hardly ever celebrate it.  We're not against it, we just don't have kids, nor are we big partiers.  We bought some candy just in case, but not one trick or treater came by.  (too bad) 

My hubby has had two 4-day weekends in a row - both to recover from JRTC.  It's been awesome.  We got a TON done.  A little "spring cleaning" if you will.  It started when I asked his opinion on how to re-arrange my craft room.  His brilliant idea (not being facitious), was to clear out the hallway closet for me.  And for me to be somewhat ruthless and try and get rid of a lot of stuff, both craft and regular.  Boy did that open a can of worms!!  We moved the stuff from the hall closet to the living room closet, craft stuff to the hall closet, and most of the hall closet/living room closet stuff was to get rid of, and leftovers went in the bedroom closet, which it too was cleaned out!!
We worked on all that about 2 days rigorously, and the rest of the time I work a little here and there to organize my craft stuff.  I used to sell PartyLite and Stampin Up, so a lot of my old paperwork got shredded, and I cleared out a lot of space.  

Of the massive amount of stuff to get rid of, I made a Craigslist pile and a Freecycle pile.  I spent a whole afternoon posting everything on Craigslist.  We're trying to sell our queen size bed that went in the garage when we upgraded to king size.  No real bites yet.  Fingers crossed still.  I did sell a few items though!  I offered everything else in one big lot for Freecycle and the friggin lady who I offered it to stood me up.  I HATE that.  So, I'm gonna go down the list of people asking for it. 

One of our weekend days was spent re-organizing the garage as well.  We have been working like mad people, but it's been great.  We also did yard work in the front and back.  I was on "fluff duty" (cleaning up all the innards from shredded stuffed animals strewn about the back yard), weed pulling the gardens, and trimming the hedges.  Oh yeah, and I MAY have cut through the extension cord while trimming.....maybe.  :D  whoopsie!

I have come to a conclusion - that we do best when we have "free time" and extra money. 
We went to WalMart late one night, and we were just gigglie and happy and goofy walking up and down the aisles browsing.  It reminded me of when we were first married.  I'm sure it'd be like that for a lot of couples, huh?  Take away the pressure of work and bills, and everythings great! 

Me and my bum leg.
I found an ad on Craigslist for a basketball goal, and yesterday we went and got it.  We had to take it apart to fit in our HHR, but it worked.  It's so great having it.  We played some HORSE, then went to WalMart, and I got a PINK ball!!  Yay!!  Our next item for it will be a ball return.  I love playing, but I can play SO much longer when I don't have to chase the dang ball.  My foot just gives out on me so quickly, I try to make it last as long as I can.  It's so fun spending that time with him though. 

idn't he cuuute??


little better pic of me

(FORGIVE ME!!  I'm new at blogging, and just figuring out how to do the pictures and stuffs!)

That's the main stuffs that has occurred the past week or two.  My hubby will be having a good chunk of vacation coming up, and we're really looking forward to it.  He needs the time off, and I know we'll get some more projects done.  We're gonna finish painting the bathroom soon - before company comes for Thanksgiving! 

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